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Conditions of Sale
General—Prices in this price list are for out-of-stock sales only.
All mill orders are subject to acceptance by the mill and are not subject to change or cancellation by the purchaser.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

Quotations—Written quotations should be obtained before making any definite commitment. All quotations are for the purchaser’s acceptance within five days. Verbal quotations are not binding.
Quotations on mill orders accepted by us are made subject to delivery to us by the mill on the merchandise ordered. All prices quoted are based upon freight rates in effect at the time of quotations and subsequent advances, if any, will be for the account of the purchaser. We will not be responsible for delays incurred in shipment from the manufacturer or intransit time by common carrier or any delays due to circumstances beyond our control.

Terms of Payment—shall be in accordance with seller’s invoice or applicable  published sales policy statements. If seller’s invoice contains a prompt payment discount, buyer must deduct such discount  amount from its timely payment of the invoice or be forever barred from claiming such discount.
If not paid in accordance with the above terms, the entire unpaid amount is considered past due. Balances not received by the last working day of the month following month of purchase are subject to a service charge of 1.67% per month (20% annual percentage rate). In the event suit is filed to enforce payment reasonable court costs and attorney fees will be collected.

Taxes—In addition to the contract or agreed price, buyer agrees to pay to the seller an amount equivalent to any tax or charge whatsoever, affecting the merchandise herein covered, which may heretofore or hereafter be imposed by law upon the sale of all or any portion of merchandise sold or delivered under this agreement and for which the seller shall be liable. Such additional amount shall become due and payable, net, at the time the invoice for the merchandise shall become due and payable.

Contingencies—All sales, orders and agreements are subject to the condition that JC Paper shall not be liable for any delay or non-performance due to the failure of the mill or factory from which JC Paper is obtaining the merchandise to make delivery, or due to delay in transportation, or due to strikes, labor difficulties, flood, fire, or act of God, or the acts or regulations of the Government or any branch or agency thereof.

Mill Trade Customs—All Mill Trade Customs shall apply to all transactions. Information relative to mill trade customs, i.e., overruns, underruns, etc., may be obtained from your JC Paper sales representative.

Be Sure To Examine Stock Before Using—We endeavor to deliver orders carefully checked and packed but errors do happen, both on our part and our customers’, so we ask that careful examination be made as to SIZE, WEIGHT, COLOR and QUALITY upon arrival of goods, and previous to using any portion of same. CLAIMS FOR SHORTAGES, ERRORS, DAMAGE OR INFERIOR QUALITY MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE STOCK IS PRINTED, RULED OR CUT.

Returned or Refused Merchandise—No merchandise returnable for credit without permission of the company, or that has been in your possession for fifteen calendar (15) days or more. Exception is concealed damage existing at time of delivery. Our delivery men are not authorized to pick up merchandise for return without orders from the office. All merchandise returned must be in salable condition. No merchandise is returnable that has been cut, ruled, punched, printed, perforated, or otherwise altered. Any exceptions must be authorized by the company. Merchandise accepted in return as an accommodation to the customer will be assessed a 15% restocking charge.

Uniformity—Paper manufacturing is not an exact science but is controlled by varying conditions, hence different lots of the same paper may vary slightly in color, finish and general appearance. Therefore, colors and finishes cannot be guaranteed and absolute uniformity should not be expected. For this reason, we suggest that you inspect your order upon its arrival and report any irregularities or faults within ten (10) days after receipt.
Your inquiries are invited, and you may be assured that we will endeavor to be worthy of your business.

Limitation of Liability—JC Paper’s liability on any claim of any kind, including negligence for any loss or damage arising out of, connected with, or resulting from this contract, or from the performance or breach thereof, or from the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, repair or use of any product covered by or furnished under this contract shall in no case exceed the price of the product or part thereof which gives rise to the claim. In no event shall JC Paper be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages, or for damages in the nature of penalties. Any action for breach of this contract by JC Paper must be commenced by buyer within one year after buyer’s cause of action has accrued.

Indemnification—Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless JC Paper of and from any and all claims or liabilities asserted against JC Paper in connection with the manufacture, sale, delivery, resale or repair or use of any product covered by or furnished under this contract arising in whole or in part out of or by reason of the failure of buyer, its agents, servants, employees or customers to follow instructions, warnings or recommendations furnished by JC Paper in connection with such product, or by reason of the negligence of buyer, its agents, servants, employees or customers.

Mill Claim Sampling Instructions—Every effort must be made to obtain a representative sample of printed and unprinted paper. In cases where a sample of satisfactory, as well as unsatisfactory paper is available, it is highly desirable that it also be submitted for comparative purposes. The following methods of sampling unprinted papers are recommended.
a. Skids, Cases, Cartons: Take ten CONSECUTIVE sheets from the original package as received from the mill. These should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they occurred in the package. The sample should be taken from down in the package (at least one inch) to avoid the effects of room humidity, dirt, etc. Identify top sheet of sample  by grade, basis  weight, order number, skid, case or carton number. Ship well packaged flat, or in mailing tube.
b. Rolls: After soiled paper has been stripped from roll, tear off six rounds of paper taking at least a 14 inch strip across the width of the roll from each round of paper. Identify by grade, basis weight, order number and roll number. It is important that paper which has lost its original finish through atmospheric exposure be removed before sample is taken.
The following method of sampling printed papers is recommended.
Obtain a sample of the printed sheet showing the original defect, plus several consecutive samples showing effect on printing thereafter. In the case of dirt packing out, obtain sample of original defect and sufficient unprinted paper to permit an examination of 200 sq. ft. of the paper in question. Identify by grade, basis weight, order number, skid, case, or carton  number.
Claims for damaged blankets must be accompanied by the damaged blanket and evidence of cause of damage. If there is a build-up on blanket, remove with cellophane tape and submit on glass or clear substance (Acetate).
Cutting Tolerances—Although JC Paper will endeavor to cut all orders to exact measurements, the following practice for cutting is now in effect.
Final sheet size ±1/32” from exact measurement.
Parent sheet cut down with no waste ±1/16” from exact measurement.
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